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Seattle's Network of Giving Helps Connect Community Together

The Network of Giving is proud to have been corporate partner featured at United Way of King County’s Annual Community BBQ in partnership with Doug Baldwin Jr. The event, which drew a crowd of 1,700 attendees, was to celebrate the ability for everyone to finally gather together after the pandemic lock-down. In addition to Seattle's Network of Giving, corporate partners of the event included GeekWire, Safeway, Harborstone Credit Union, Nordstrom, Costco, Delta Dental, Uwajimaya, Alphagraphics, Boon Boona Coffee, Davis Wright Tremaine, Perkins Coie, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Kraken, Coca Cola and Google.

The Network of Giving team educated families about the ability to empower their giving through local businesses and the United Way. In addition, a fun yet educational game about directing micro-donations had families actually experiencing the power of giving back to the community.

The event had local media coverage as well as the presence of community leaders and local sports celebrities. (Media coverage includes: Doug Baldwin, United Way host Community BBQ)

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Network of Giving Invited to Present to the Seattle Restaurant Alliance

The Seattle Restaurant Alliance is a voice for Seattle restaurants, advocating on behalf of the more than 2,700 restaurants in Seattle.

Seattle’s Network of Giving transforms communities and businesses by connecting the four essential pillars that support and elevate community stewardship, prosperity, and resiliency: People, Business, Charity, Finance.

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United Way of King County, Together with Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Introduce the Network of Giving to the U.S. Market

United Way of King County today announced a philanthropic partnership to bring the Network of Giving to the Seattle market.

The Network of Giving is a powerful hyper-local digital platform that fosters a community-minded movement through the connection of local consumers and merchants to community and charitable organizations – while creating efficiencies in digital fundraising.

Gordon McHenry, Jr., President and CEO of United Way of King County, stated, “United Way of King County is pleased to help bring the Network of Giving platform with its benefits for local merchants, community organizations, and other non-profits. The Network of Giving provides another foundation for enhancing and strengthening our communities and aligns with our impact and mission. We are excited to lead its release into the Seattle market and hope to see it reach other United Ways across the country. It has the potential to enhance United Way’s positioning to provide critical support where it is needed most.”

“At United Way we want to make the biggest impact possible and lift each other up. With digital commerce and the Network of Giving, we can seamlessly and efficiently benefit the equitable recovery of our community,” McHenry added.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” said Steven Hooper Jr, President of Ethan Stowell Restaurants, “The Network of Giving platform aligns perfectly with our approach and philosophy as an organization. The Network of Giving enables significant support for the economic recovery of local merchants and provides tools to grow their business and give back to the community. As a founding merchant partner of the Network of Giving, and a strong local supporter of Seattle’s business community and United Way of King County, I believe the Network of Giving enables merchants to sustain their business, empowers consumers to support local, and enables the United Way to increase its positive impact in the community.”

“Our team is working with United Way of King County, Ethan Stowell Restaurants (ESR) and the entire community to release America’s first Network of Giving in Seattle.” stated Rob Bennett, CEO of SMB4.0, the organization that enables the Network of Giving Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, “We know local businesses provide character and individuality to any community. They inspire, strengthen, and stabilize our local economies. The Network of Giving platform is a result of our unmatched commitment to delivering revolutionary, robust technology that is firmly grounded in the core principles of service, accountability, and innovation to better the community. For those local businesses, the Network of Giving changes the playing field by providing sought-after digital capabilities that deliver measured results on their marketing spend, create actionable insights that elevate their customers’ experience, and activate a community-minded movement.”

Bennett added, “The Network of Giving is our unique, full-automated solution that’s designed to meet the multiple needs of the community while requiring that everyone just continue to do what they normally do best. Recognizing that those needs are great right now in every community, Seattle citizens, businesses, and community organizations now have the premiere, digital solution that unites them and differentiates how local merchants can grow their businesses financially and socially.”

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Executive Team Appointed to Lead the Network of Giving Platform to U.S. Market

  • Rob Bennett, Chief Executive Officer. Rob is an accomplished executive with more than 25 years in financial services and executive experience with three major banks. Rob most recently served as EVP and Head of Product Management at a $53B bank. His portfolio included Customer Experience (CX), Payments, and Credit Card Divisions. At the same time Rob led enterprise banking operations and end to end process for the bank.
  • Doreen Lorenzo, Chief Strategy Officer. Doreen is a successful leader who advises and consults with companies from Fortune 100 to start-ups on design and innovation issues. She is also the Assistant Dean at University of Texas, School of Design and Creative Technology and former President of Frog Design.
  • Al Wood, Chief Operating Officer. Al is the former EVP and Chief Information Officer and Head of Operations for The Clearing House, a systemically important financial utility that clears and settles close to $2 trillion in electronic payments daily.
  • David Saalfrank, Chief Customer Officer. David is a 30-year veteran of building products and companies through brand experiences with Eventive Marketing, an Omnicom Group agency.
  • Denis Lacasse, Chief Product Officer. Denis has deep software design and product management experience; he has shipped over 40 products over his career, from software on small hand-held devices to large complex B2B software for companies including some of the largest technology companies in the world. He combines his experience from various industries (entertainment, financial services, and technology) to bring to life compelling products and great consumer experiences.
  • Craig Bida, Chief Philanthropy Officer. Craig is a Design Director with Babson College and former Executive Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility – Social Impact at Cone Communications, an Omnicom Group agency. He is a branding and sustainability/social impact strategist with +20 years of multi-sector experience. Craig has served as strategic advisor to clients including Disney, FedEx, Kenneth Cole, Time Warner Cable, the Nature Conservancy, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Boston Museum of Science.

"This executive team is well positioned to ensure the Network of Giving Software-as-a-Service Platform is launched in the US market. Local merchants and charities need the Network of Giving platform more than ever. Together we will accelerate economic recovery at the local level across the U.S. in a way that will transcend generations," said Rob Bennett, CEO. "The Network of Giving platform was built to tackle the crisis that small businesses and charities face in every community, every day. The platform is a new form of digital marketing enabled by the financial services industry to enhance their client’s growth and sustainability while helping communities prosper through the establishment of an unprecedented micro-donation ecosystem. The Network of Giving will help local merchants profitably grow their businesses with a measured result on marketing spend and gain valuable customer insights, while supporting local community and charitable organizations, at no cost to the customer."

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