Network of Giving

Supporting Local Business.
Strengthening Communities.

Small and medium-size businesses are the heartbeat of communities.

They are the businesses we live near and care about. They deliver vital products and services, create jobs and economic opportunity, and bring joy and connection to our lives.

That’s why we created the Network of Giving – for everyone!

A purpose-driven digital commerce platform that makes advanced digital marketing tools available to small and medium sized businesses and allows them to be at the core of community restoration and prosperity.

NOG Heart

For local businesses, the Network of Giving drives increased customer loyalty, sales, and measured results on marketing spend while generating micro-donations directed to community nonprofits, at no cost to the customer.

It’s the one holistic solution that best serves the community
and all parties involved.

The Network of Giving transforms communities and businesses by connecting the four essential community pillars that support and elevate community stewardship, prosperity, and resiliency: People, Business, Charity, Finance.

It works to work together.


Support local businesses, through patronage, to enable community giving.

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Small-to-Medium Businesses

Thrive by better serving customers through advanced digital marketing tools and increased cause marketing visibility.

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Charities & Non-Profits

Establish a stronger connection at the local level with businesses and consumers and a new self-operating revenue stream to deploy more resources to address community needs.

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Financial Institutions

Grow through elevated relationships with local businesses and non-profits, and increased customer loyalty.

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We're live!


United Way of King County, Together with Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Introduce the Network of Giving to the U.S. Market

United Way of King County today announced a philanthropic partnership to bring the Network of Giving to the Seattle market.

The Network of Giving is a powerful hyper-local digital platform that fosters a community-minded movement through the connection of local consumers and merchants to community and charitable organizations – while creating efficiencies in digital fundraising.


Local Champions

"The Network of Giving platform aligns perfectly with our approach and philosophy as an organization. It enables significant support for the economic recovery of local merchants and provides tools to grow their business and give back to the community."

– Steve Hooper, Jr., President at Ethan Stowell Restaurants

"The Network of Giving provides another foundation for enhancing and strengthening our communities and aligns with our impact and mission. We are excited to lead its release into the Seattle market and hope to see it reach other United Ways across the country."

– Gordon McHenry, Jr., CEO at United Way of King County

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