Network of Giving Community Champions

A member of a community organization or established industry association that represents and promotes the Network of Giving in the community.

Chris Preston David Wu Gordon McHenry Jr. Heather Simpson James Modie Jim Conwell Melissa Arias Peter Beale-DelVecchio Sean Garrett


Network of Giving Fellows

A long-time supporter of the Network of Giving who has the values, character and competence, to shape the future for a better community.

Angie Mercier Brad DeSandro Dennis Murphy Dennis Scully German Scipioni Julian Jaeger Kevin Cathro Kim Melillo Mark Bergner Mark Rolston Michael Kimball Nicholas Kim Rob Bennett Todd Lasher W. Daniel Johnson

W. Daniel Johnson

Dan has an extensive and successful executive background across multiple disciplines, technologies and business sectors. He has keen awareness of cultures required for start-ups, turnarounds and large corporate enterprises. He is adept at building winning corporate executive teams, incorporating and motivating acquired resources and building shareholder value.

Dan was integral in bringing the Hogan System to the world’s largest financial institutions, as well as the successful turn-around and record earnings at Uccel Corp., a publicly traded systems and application software company.