Network of Giving Markets

Philanthropy has an enormous and lasting legacy in Chicago. It has enabled the establishment of numerous educational and cultural institutions of national and international renown and has supported the development of a network of charities that have improved the health and social welfare of metropolitan area residents.

Seattle is a bustling place that thrives with industrial, commercial, and cultural activity around the clock. Its waters teem with great oceangoing ships, its streets with automobiles, its rail lines with transcontinental freighters and passenger trains, and its skies with aircraft of every description. And it is home to some of the most innovative and technologically-advanced, successful companies, all of which embrace its rich tradition of philanthropy. They, along with the citizens of Seattle, support the continuous effort to cultivate connection among the members of Seattle society to provide relief, improvement, and social reform in the market.

The Network of Giving celebrates these markets by connecting the cornerstones of the community to elevate the mission of nonprofits and restore the resilience of local businesses.


Local Chicago Champions

"Special Olympics Illinois is excited to help bring Network of Giving to Chicago, along with its benefits for our supporters, local merchants, and ultimately the communities where we live and prosper. As an organization, we always strive for three main goals – to improve athlete experiences, reach more athletes, and raise more resources. This program aligns with those goals and we look forward to what the future holds."

– Dave Breen, President and CEO of Special Olympics Illinois

“The Network of Giving will provide our partners, supporters, and individual residents with an easy-to-use tool to provide financial support for United Way of Metro Chicago’s work of helping individuals meet their basic needs—such as food, housing, and access to health care—and supporting equitable transformation in neighborhoods across the region.”

– Sean Garrett, president and CEO, United Way of Metro Chicago.

NOG Champion

Local Seattle Champions

"Special Olympics Washington is excited to help bring the Network of Giving to our state with its benefits for our supporters, local businesses, and the communities where we live and prosper. Our participation will enhance and strengthen our mission."

– David Wu, President and CEO of Special Olympics Washington.

"The Network of Giving provides another foundation for enhancing and strengthening our communities and aligns with our impact and mission. We are excited to lead its release into the Seattle market and hope to see it reach other United Ways across the country."

– Gordon McHenry, Jr., CEO at United Way of King County

NOG Champion